Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

what i've learned at college so far & an itty bitty hiatus

1. Double sided tape is your best friend.
2. Lofting your bed is kind of awesome.
3. Orientation: The repetitive talk about alcohol, sex, and drugs.
4. People are really friendly.
5. Big parties are really, really gross. And dirty. As in dirt and beer everywhere.
6. Walking everywhere is pretty nice actually.
7. Dining hall dinners are amazing. I just ate Greek crab pasta.
8. Some room mates like the t.v. on at night.
9. Butterfly chairs are so much better than the wooden desk chairs.
10. It's fun!!!!

___Also I'm going on a bit of a hiatus (as you can see from my horrible updating) because things are a little crazy since I'm settling in here. And I'm think of playing with the post style of The Shoe Corner (I know I'm forever changing things!). I'd like to shape into a sort of "magazine" style, with different themes to posts.... And since personal picture taking is going to become scarce.... Who knows! I'm still playing around with ideas in my head.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

life in lomo-ish

___Here's just one of the ways I'm spending my final days at home before I leave--a perfect little sleepover at Alex's that involved an evening spent roaming the city streets while wearing pretty dresses, shopping in a vintage bookstore, eating at a traditional Irish pub, watching Vicky Christina Barcelona & Funny Face while painting my nails in Orly's Kiss the Bride, and waking up to chocolate chip pancakes. Here's on those posts where the pictures do a much better job of telling the story than writing.
4 days until I leave!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

keeping busy

___It's been quite crazy lately. Some of my friends are already leaving for college (two just left yesterday on my birthday), and I'm leaving next week, so I've been cramming in as many "last" hangouts as I can before we all go our separate ways. This outfit was a quick, simple way of looking nice but still casual as I went out to dinner for my one friend, while simultaneously having a bit of a birthday dinner as well. It's kind of like my go-to outfit--shorts, flats, vest, peace sign necklace.
___Goodbyes are always so hard and incredibly awkward (especially because I don't cry), and saying goodbye to my two friends wasn't very easy. It's strange to think that two people who I'm used to seeing every day in the school year won't be around until November for fall break. But I'm also kind of excited, because I can't wait to see how college changes all of us. I do hope it's for the better and not for the worst, like what happens to some people.

Monday, August 16, 2010

that friend

___There are times in a girl's life when she simply needs to permanently sever the bond of friendship with another girl simply because whatever kind of relationship they have is completely and utterly toxic. I've come to that point in my life. I'm leaving for college in less than two weeks, and there is one "friend" that I have had for quite a number of years with whom I know is doing nothing for me besides using and pestering me to her own will. And the time has come to just end the friendship.
___She is toxic. When a girl tells you that she requires male attention to feel beautiful, you know you're in for a total, emotional mess. And because I was friends with her before puberty and hormones hit us like a rock, I tried to push past the blatant insecurities and be there as a true friend. But she's made it far too difficult. It isn't only the need for boys to want her that annoys me, but it is the fact that she feels the need to boast her "problems" to me and whoever she feels like telling. And, whenever something doesn't go her way (boy, work, or school related) she immediately descends into a legitimate hissy fit. And reasoning with her is next to impossible as her logic is that skewed.
___Maybe I could deal with the obvious mess she's become if she actually treated me like a friend. Over the years, I've tried to go out of my way to be a good friend to her, and I get nothing in return. I hate selfish people, and she is the textbook definition. Not only this, but in recent years of our friendships, I only get the text "I miss you, let's hang out" when she wants to whine about how a boy is falling under her demands. I've stopped responding to said texts.
___I hope I managed to make sense in relaying my story of a toxic friendship with you. I didn't want to include too many details about it all. All I know is, I'm basically done with her when it comes time to leave, and there's no way I'd ever go out of my way to be her friend again. Of course the ending of our friendship is nothing dramatic, more like a slow spiral to the end, but nevertheless the bond is forever cut in half. I hope you understand what I'm saying; I know we've all had that kind of friendship before!

P.S. On a lighter note, my birthday is tomorrow!